Basic Information

 Shake HandsThe international life of the university was restored in 1992, and has become even broader

European Universities Association in the past few years. TSU takes part in a wide variety of international projects: research, educational, management and information technology. These activity vary from large international programs to joint projects, conducted by several faculties and departments in cooperation with their partners from international universities. TSU is one of the leading universities of Russia In the number of important international programs. The university takes part in many international expositions, which are aimed at promoting the research of local scientists to Tempus logoother countries', as well as reforming the educational process. In these fields, agreements with international scientific and charitable organizations and foundations are achieved and several bilateral contracts are signed with international universities. There are approximately 50 large international projects in progress, including education and information delivery. These projects are designed to be conducted for several years and include a substantial number of participants. Amongst the more recent, several should be mentioned: three projects for Erasmus Plus logo 2014Department Support, 7 grants of "Siberian Cultural Initiative", which have been consolidated into one large program.


TSU is the only higher educational institute that has won two of the most prestigious grants in the field of Humanities and Physical and Mathematical Sciences. In the course of its development, TSU has established an Interregional Institution of Social Sciences, a Scientific Educational Center "Physics and Chemistry of High Energy Systems"; a regional information center INTAS was opened; European Council Center began to operate; an agreement with a German organization, GTC, was signed; a number of projects
CRDF on university management was conducted, among them are the Salzburg seminar, "Delphi" and "Edrus".

FlagsThe number of international partners increases each year. In addition to the traditional ties with the universities of the USA and Europe, contacts and agreements were made with the universities of Canada, South Korea, China, Israel, Brazil, China and others. Over 400 abstracts and articles are published in international periodicals each year. In addition 500 lectures and exhibitions are conducted at international conferences and expositions. Every year the university holds up to 25 international conferences and a few expeditions. Starting in 1997, professors from TSU are annually invited to give lectures at Oxford, Stanford, Cambridge, Sorbona, Heidelberg and other international universities.


Tomsk State University are a Member of the European Universities Association (EUA) and the Salzburg Global Seminar.

TSU was certified by NQA for Certificate of Quality, 2005

TSU Confucius Institute was opened  more than 5 years ago - in accordance with an agreement with a China Goverment.


• TSU is a winner of the competition for the «National Research University» status (2010).
• Tomsk State Universities is included in the State Code of Special Valuable Cultural Heritage of the Peoples of the Russian Federation.
• In 2013, TSU became one of the TOP 15 Russian leading universities to receive the state support for entering the TOP 100 world university rankings. In 2014 - TSU is in leader team too.