Employment at TSU

REGULATIONS on the employment of foreign citizens (.docx)

Foreign professors employed at TSU:

      Callaghan T.V. , - Distinguished Research Professor of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Nobel Peace Prize winner, University of Sheffield, doctor of science (Botany)

      Pourdehnad J. , Professor at the University of Pennsylvania; Associate director of the Ackoff Collaboratory for Advancing Systems Approach at the University of Pennsylvania, Doctor of Philosophy

      Solioz M. , - doctor, Professor of Biochemistry, Head of the Copper Lab of University of Bern

      Eskin D.G. Professor at BCAST, Brunel University; Associate investigator of the EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Liquid Metal Engineering, doctor of science (Physics)

       Dokholyan N.V.  - Director of Center for Computational and Systems Biology, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Associate Director of the Molecular and Cellular Biophysics Program, doctor

       Ignatiev А.  - -Distinguished University Professor of Physics, Chemistry, and Electrical and Computer Engineering, Director of the Center for Advanced Materials, Director of Alternative Energy Research Institute of the University of Houston; World Class University Professor at the Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, Gwangju,   South Korea;

      Gitman D. -  Professor of the Department of Nuclear Physics, Institute of Physics, the University of Sao Paulo , doctor of science (Physics) 

       Pergamenshchikov S. - Professor, Head of the mathematical statistics team at the Laboratory of Mathematics Raphael Salem of University of Rouen and CNRS, doctor of science (Mathematics)                                                                                                                              

      Pokrovsky O. -  Senior Researcher at the National Center of Researchers of France (CNRS), Observatory Midi-Perenees (Toulouse, France); Laboratory Coordinator at the European Associated Laboratory of Environmental Geochemistry (LEA LEAGE), PhD 

      Kovas Y. - Director of the International Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Innovative Investigations into Individual Differences in Learning (InLab), lecturer in psychology, Psychology Department, Goldsmiths College, University of London; visiting fellow of the SGDP Centre, King’s College, University of London 

      Harold Gordon – Andrew and Virginia Rudd Professor of Psychology; Director, Rudd Centre for Adoption Research and Practice. School of Psychology, University of Sussex


      Tremblay Richard  - Professor Emeritus at University of Montreal,Canada. Professor of Early Childhood and Human Development at University College Dublin, Ireland. 

      Boivin Michel - University of Laval, School of Psychology; Professor, Co-director of the Strategic Knowledge Cluster on Early Childhood Development 

       Ginette Dionne - University of Laval, School of Psychology; Doctor of Science, Professor

       Zhou Xinlin - School of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, Beijing Normal University, Doctor of Science, Professor

       Chen Yu-Wen – National Central University of Taiwan, head of the laboratory, professor

       Wu Jiunn-Jer – Feng Chia University, Environmental Engineering and Science, professor, doctor of science

       Abrikosov I. - - Professor, Coordinator of International University Activities of the Department of Physics, Chemistry and Biology, Linköping University, Doctor of science (Physics) 

      Chulkov-Savkin E. - Professor at the University of the Basque Country, Faculty of Chemistry Doctor of science (Physics)