Grants for international students



On the contest for grants allocated to support foreign students at Tomsk State University “TSU International Students Grant” 




1.1.  This Provision shall seek to attract talented students from foreign countries to National Research Tomsk State University (hereinafter TSU), and also to promote a bilingual academic, educational and multicultural social environment.


1.2.  This Provision is developed in accordance with: the Federal Law № 273 "On Education in the Russian Federation" of 29.12.2012; the order of the Ministry of Education and Science № 1367 of 19.12.2013 "Procedure of organization and implementation of educational activity on educational programs of higher education: Bachelor's programs, specialist programs, master's degree programs"; and the Charter of Tomsk State University


1.3.  This Provision shall define the procedure for organizing and holding the contest "TSU International Students Grant" for students (hereinafter the Contest), selection criteria and conditions for participation in the Contest. The contest shall be held as part of the program to improve the competitiveness of TSU among the world's leading scientific and educational centers in the years 2013-2020.


1.4.  The “TSU International Students Grant” is a form of financial support for students from foreign countries who are planning to study on an educational program or part of it (not less than one semester) in framework of academic mobility programs.






2.1. For consideration and examination of applications for the "TSU International Students Grant", the Rector of TSU shall announce the contest by order and create a Contest Committee.


2.2. The Contest Committee shall select candidates for participation in the Contest, examine participants’ applications, and determine the winners. The number of grants and their size shall be determined annually by the Rector’s order.



2.3. The information about the contest, its terms, conditions and procedures shall be available on the website and in the newsletters to TSU educational divisions and partner universities.


2.4. The contest shall be open to TSU students from the countries with visa entry to the RF who are enrolled in TSU educational programs (bachelor's degree programs, specialist’s degree programs and master’s degree programs) and also those who plan to enter the first year of studies at TSU, Russian language courses or academic mobility programs.



2.5. To participate in the contest a candidate must not later than two (2) months prior to the commencement of the educational program send the following documents in electronic form to the address of a responsible person the International Programs Office (, or deliver it in person to the International Programs Office (TSU main building, 36, Lenina prospekt):



·        For TSU students and contestants who plan to enter the first year of studies at TSU or for Russian language courses:


      1. An application for participation in the contest "TSU International Students Grant" of Tomsk State University with the grant amount and financial justification (costs of travel, including air ticket of economy class, accommodation, education) (Appendix № 1),

        2. Copies of published articles and other documents evidencing academic, sporting or social activities (if there are any);

        3.  A copy of the gradebook, certified in the dean’s office (for TSU students only);


TSU students, who have won a grant in the first semester and applying for prolongation of the grant in the second (spring) semester (February-May), may present above documents in two weeks before the beginning of the semester.


·         For students of other universities –participants of academic mobility programs:


1. An application for participation in the contest for a "TSU International Students Grant" of Tomsk State University with the grant amount and financial justification (costs of travel, including air ticket of economy class, accommodation, education) (Appendix № 1),


2. Learning agreement (Appendix № 3), coordinated by the partner university and by the relevant TSU Faculty (or educational institute).


3. A certificate of academic progress;


4. Form of academic CV (Appendix№ 2);


Documents should be provided in Russian (for studying in Russian language programs) or English (for studying in English language programs).


2.6. The following provisions may act as criteria of determining the winners of the grant contest:


·      Academic progress in the framework of the level of education;


·      Copies of published articles and other documents evidencing the academic, sporting or social activities or academic performance, reflected in the academic resume (Appendix №2).


·      In a competitive situation preference is given to students with a certificate (a certified copy) or other proof of mastering the language of study as well as to those who study in the fields and professions which are prioritized at TSU including areas of Centers of Excellence.



2.6.1. If the winner of the contest is an applicant who is not a student of TSU, the grant maybe paid only after enrollment at TSU.



2.7. According to the results of the contest, the Contest Committee shall determine the winners and make a report containing the full names of the winners and the recommended amount of the grant. Based on the report of the Committee, a Rector’s order on the grant payment shall be prepared.



2.8. The list of winners of the Contest shall be published on the website.



2.9. TSU’s International Programs Office shall be responsible for hosting the Contest.






3.1.  Payment of grants within the framework of the Contest shall be carried out with funds provided for the implementation of the "National Research Tomsk State University competitiveness improvement program among the world's leading research and educational centers" (Strategic Initiative "Attracting talented undergraduate and graduate students to TSU ("Generation of 2020")").



3.2.  Grants allocation shall be carried out by order of the Rector on the basis of the decisions of the Contest Committee and its report.



3.3.  The size of the grant and the dates of its payment shall be recommended by the Contest Committee individually for each student and depending on the student's academic performance, the period of his stay at TSU, as well as his social activity



3.4.  Funds of the Grant may be used for payment of:


  1.                       Return ticket from home to TSU
  2.            Accommodation on the period of education in TSU
  3.            Medical insurance.


3.5.  According to the RF Legislation, the grant is an income and subject of taxation. Non- residents of RF, living in Russian territory not more than 183 days per year have to pay 30% of the grant. Residents of RF, living in Russian territory more than 183 days have to pay 13%.




3.6.  The "TSU International Students Grant" shall be allocated for one semester of the foreign student’s studies at TSU, which may be extended for another semester according to the results of the contest.



3.7.  For getting of the grant money the winner of the contest have to present to the accounting office the following documents: copy of person identifying document; copy of the registration form.



3.8.  Students obtained the grant have to not later than two weeks before the end of educational semester present a report about the target use of the grant money. The report is made in the free form and have to be signed by dean of the faculty. Report have to have attachments such as (contracts, tickets, receipts of strict accounting etc.) directly or indirectly confirming the expenditures of money. Amount of money, which was not conformed by documents have to be returned by grant holder in 10 days after the presentation of the report. In the case of not presenting of the report in the indicated terms, grant money have to be returned in full amount.  



docAppendix 1 (application form)

docAppendix 2 (Curriculum Vitae)


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